Tidy Cats Lightweight Review 2018

Are you currently purchasing normal litter, in hopes that it will fulfill all your needs? Most likely, you will have realized by now that it isn’t an easy task to get the right type of litter for your pet because of all the different

factors that contribute to finding the perfect litter. However, one factor that many people fail to recognize is the weight of the litter. Now, it may not seem like a big deal, but when you are comparing a normal type of litter and a lightweight litter side by side, there is a huge difference. The weight of normal clumping litter is roughly around 36 lbs, but when compared to the Tidy Cats Lightweight of only 17 lbs, there is a huge difference.

This lightweight litter is not only lighter, but also has the same if not better features than the original with the only downside of being a bit more expensive. Why should I play more for the same litter, but lighter? First, it will be a lot easier for you to use, as it is lighter in general, even about 50% lighter. Also, you will be able to pour the litter and handle it a bit better as well, since the weight of the litter is reduced by a great amount.

Litter Review

Tidy Cats Lightweight

It is important to note that this product is clumping cat litter, meaning that it will clump around litter and trap the smell of it inside and preventing the smell from escaping and leaving an odor inside your house. This makes this product very viable to users who hate the smell of cat litter odor floating around in their home, as the smell will be trapped inside of the clumping litter. Also, the clumping feature will allow you to clean up your pets mess a lot easier, since everything will be clumped up for you to clean up and spot easily.

Another feature of this product that we like is that it is designed to be used by multiple cats, since using multiple litter boxes to handle multiple cats is impractical, using this product will save you a headache and money. The smell that cats usually leave behind in their litter box marks their territory, but with this litter, that smell won’t appear because of the clumping. This allows you to use this litter with multiple cats without issue.

To end this Tidy Cats Lightweight review, we highly recommend that you get it if you are struggling with your current product because of how heavy it is and because how it can’t control the smell. With this product, you will be able to handle it so much better due to how much lighter it is as well as not smell your cats litter because of how this litter traps the smell and keeps it inside for safe disposal. If you care about how well your house smells and you are willing to invest a bit more than you usually do on your litter, then we highly recommend that you get this litter.


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