Top 9 Cat Breeds for Kids

As a parent either wanting to get a cat or already has one it is important to make sure, both the cat and kids get along. There are many different breeds and some are better with children than others, which is why we will explore the top 9 breeds with almost guaranteed assurances that they will be best friends.

There are some amazing cats to choose from and finding the perfect one for you and your family will be easy, if you are willing to spend a little time choosing the right one. A cat is for life and that’s why spending a little extra time at the beginning just to make sure the right cat finds its way into your home is worth doing. Some parents rush choosing and make the wrong choice of cat breed, which is often the reason why they end up having to get rid of the cat. Cats and kids are not something to take likely and that’s why we have put together our favorite breeds for you and your family’s needs.

Considerations before choosing

Some parents with kids who can overlook potential dangers of having a cat. There are some moms with children and others expecting, which is why it is important to know the dangers of having cats at all stages of a child development, whether that is an infant or older child aged 5 years and up. The reason why a 2 years old child needs different guidance around cats is that their ability to understand is limited, while a 10 years old child will understand it is not okay to pull the cat by the tail. For those who have witnessed the bad side of our little feline friends, pulling a cat’s tail is never a happy ending.

Kids learn empathy and compassion from playing with animals and for those of us who have witnessed a bad relationship foster between man and animal the outcome can often have terrible implications that last far beyond childhood. Therefore, choosing the right kitten isn’t about just how cute it is, but also about how it will settle with the children.

The are many different types of cats and our little feline friends come in all different shapes, sizes, some fluffy and others virtually hairless. Some love to scurry around frantically like a tom-cat, one not that dissimilar to the cat out of the Tom and Jerry cartoon show, while others prefer a leisurely approach to life. These lazy cat types prefer an elegant and graceful catlike approach to domestic living.  Maybe it is just me but I think every cat owner has had the feeling at some point that their cat is looking at them as if they are a servant, just there to be called at each beckon and call. The movie “The secret lives of cats” is a must watch for those who find themselves in doubt of what happens behind closed doors when us humans vacate and leave the cats at home.

Most moms and dads want to make sure that their child is safe with their feline friend. every concerned and thoughtful guardian wants to ensure their cat is going to be amicable to say the least with their child and feel that their sharp claws don’t find themselves scratching their kid. A sure way to know if a cat is going to be suitable is if they have had plenty of handling time, cuddles, strokes and lots of care and attention. Some cats are less prone to violent outbursts, which is usually down to several reasons, but the most common is how the cat was reared. Therefore, having the right age of cat with the right age of child, whether kitten or a slightly older is essential for creating a safe pet-friendly home.

Another important fact is that some cats are hunters and well-known for being experts at catching mice, rabbits and little animals. Those breeds of cats are usually more aggressive and can be prone to lashing out if pestered or bothered at certain times. The hunting breeds are usually ones that are less easily domesticated and have a linage dating back to thousands of years.

What can cause a cat to become more aggressive is sometimes simply down to them being mistreated and therefore fostering a cat from the cat-shelter is little risky, but also very rewarding, if you know what to look out for. Here are some considerations for knowing if the cat is a happy or dangerous cat:

  • Purring – a healthy sign a cat is happy and comfortable with you and what is happening around them.
  • Kneading – this is sometimes a nuisance and a little sore at times, but with this kind of affection and behavior it is a way of them telling you that “all is well”.
  • Tail-tell-signs – The cats tail is an important indicator and for those who have not witnessed the tail waggling in the air is a happy cat, while the tail low down is one that is weary and anxious.
  • Blinking – When a cat slowly blinks this is a sign of trust and confidence in the present moment, which means they are either happy around you and the kids.
  • Cuddling, rubbing and butting – These all highlight their affection for you and are all considered safe. There are scent glands on cats that they rub on humans and other things to show they feel safe around here.
  • Ear signaling – the cat with their ears to the front are feeling happy and playful, while to the back is alert and potentially worried.
  • Body language –  This must be one of the main factors of decision making and with a cat showing healthy signs, like, exposing their tummy and furry belly, which means they trust you. However, if they have a standing up and arched back this is a sign they are in a potentially dangerous mood.

American Bobtail kitty

This is a beautiful can and is a perfect children’s companion. This type of breed is fine under a wide and diverse family setting, from a ranch to a city dweller with 5 kids at home this cat is unperturbed in many diverse situations.

This breed remains gentle and offers a good cuddle for those who are willing, especially with a fully body of hair this is a fantastic choice of breed. Some children are known for carrying cats up and carried from once place to another, which is a child’s favorite game at some stage, especially at the toddler age. Therefore, this bobtail cat is great for domestic living and will encourage healthy virtuous characteristics in your child with fun healthy cat-play.

American Curl Cat

Another American kitty for playing with the kids without worry. This soulful cat is cute and friendly and offers friendship with an openness that makes them a favorite among many cat dwelling homes. Some feel these cats are a little over attentive for those who want a cat-lap cat which loves just to lay on the lap for long-hours of stroking. However, this is a cat for the kids and with its playful nature and enjoyment of happening homes this will be a good choice of breed in comparison to many others.

American Shorthair

This cat is easily introduced to the family home and love to play and get stroked on the belly, which many other cats don’t like. This cat seems to love the attention and will always want to join in on the games and activities of the children, which makes this a fun-loving breed of cat.

This breed choice is why humans love owning cats, its silky smooth and soft to the touch with such stunning features and when combined with the long-life expectancy you can expect this cat to live many years. This is good for young children who want to have a long-lasting relationship with a cat from infant into the teens.

Siberian Cats

These pussy-cats are resolute and nothing phases them, so whatever the children throw their way they will handle it and keep purring. They have an affectionate nature and love to get picked up and stroked, which is why this makes an ideal breed for finding the right cat.


Scottish Fold Cat

The Scottish are friendly bunch of people and so are the cats, which is why this cat is a perfect choice for those moms and dads wanting to get a child-friendly cat. This breed type love attention and will be asking for strokes, reassurance and love.

The Scottish fold cat is clever and is known for figuring out things and often can out-smart children, which is why this is a fun companion for growing up with.

Maine Coon Cats

This breed of cat loves respect and for ideal for children who are a little older, so if they can avoid picking him up every 2 minutes then they will be best of friends. This cat is willing to be handled for a while and will even come for a walk on a leash for those who like taking their cats outdoors. The hair may be a bit hard to brush for some, however, as the hair of the Maine Coon Cats are one of the longest.



Birman Cats

This cat always reminds me of a peaceful cat and it features in the movie Austin powers with the evil doctor. Throughout that movie, he sat in his arms so peacefully and without any fuss, which shows their contented nature and loving features.

Abyssinian Cat

This is a physically active and lively feline friend and offers a burst of life into any family home, which is why this is a favorite with children. They are like dogs in some ways and will even come along for the children’s walks around the garden or street. They are also an intelligent breed of cat and will easily outsmart the toddler who persistently chasing them around the house.

European Burmese

This cat loves to play like he is a dog and will even play a fetch game and for little kids this is a fun game. They love attention and enjoy sitting and getting their belly’s stroked. They don’t like too much noise and lively behavior and prefer a relaxed home, so if you are thinking of a breed of cat for a family of 5 children then this might not be ideal for you. However, if you have only one child and you want a perfect addition to your family then this will suit your families petting needs.

By Sandra from BuzzParent

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