Ultimate Cat Brush Buyer’s Guide 2018

It sucks to have cat hair flying all over your house settling on your couch, your dressers, your clothes, and sometimes even on your food. This is because cats shed their hair like humans shed their old skin cells to replace it with new ones. However, the hair that they shed goes everywhere if we don’t help them, as this is how they did it in the wild. Luckily, there are products that can help gather the loose hair on a cat, so that you can see less cat hair flying around your house, since all of them will be gathered nicely by the brush and disposed in a clump rather than separated.

As the price of these brushes aren’t terribly expensive, it is worth getting it to save both your time and sanity. For the small investment you pay to purchase the brush, you will no longer have to clean up the hair around your house daily and see cat hair in your food, as it will all be in your garbage can. There are a variety of brushes available, with some made for one type of cat hair and one for another. We recommend that you read through our buyer’s guide to gain more information on which ones to purchase for your cat.

Best Cat Brush by Type

There are a variety of cat brushes that you can choose with some made for long haired cats, some made for dogs and cats, and some for short haired cats. Below, we will go over the types of brushes available and why they are unique to each type, so that you won’t choose the wrong type for your cat.


Heavy Shedding Cats

Most brushes are usually fine for shedding because if the brush is able to gather all the loose hair and allow you to dispose of it gathered in a clump, then it has done its job and it will stop your cat from shedding everywhere. However, there are some brushes that are meant for grooming, so these types of brushes aren’t built for shedding. So if you purchase a grooming brush, then it won’t help gather the loose hair, as it is built for combing through the hair to make it look neater.

Long Haired Cats

These types of brushes are a bit longer which allows the product to gather even the loose hair at the roots. This allows you to gather the hair which might become loose in a little bit, as these are the types of hair that doesn’t get picked up by the brush and left to float around in the house the second the cat starts to rub its body against your furniture or wall. A product that is recommended if you are looking for the best cat brush for long hair is the FURminator deShedding Tool for Cats” as it will remove around 90% of shed hair with the hair gathered being stored inside the brush for easy disposal. Since this product also has a stainless steel edge, it is able to reach deep inside your cats fur to gather all the loose hair for the health of your cat and to keep your house clean of loose cat hair.

Short Haired Cats

If you have a cut on your hair that is on the shorter side, then a brush that is meant for long haired cats won’t work as well, since it isn’t built for this purpose. Luckily, there is a product that is suitable for short haired cuts. Although these short haired cuts don’t shed as much hair, they are harder to spot which makes it easier for it to get in your food or on your bed without it being seen or noticed at all. The best brush for short hair cat is the 2-in-1 Pet Glove: Grooming Tool + Furniture Pet Hair Remover Mitt because of a few reasons. The first reason is because it is a 2-in-1 tool which makes it a lot more worth it for the price you pay. The second reason is because it is a tool that you use as a glove, which gives you more control over the way you groom your cat. Your pet also won’t be as afraid, because you will be removing loose hair while petting your pet. We highly recommend this product to you if you are considering to purchase a brush for your short haired cat.

Persian Cats

One of the most important tools when taking care of a Persian cat is the brush because of the way a Persian cat grows. The most beautiful feature of a Persian cat is its overflowing hair and if not taken care of properly, the cat will start to have hairballs inside its fur which will hurt and damage the skin and overall health of the hair. As grooming and brushing your Persian cat is important in growing a healthy cat with healthy hair, we recommend Best Pet Grooming Dematting Comb & Undercoat Rake Tool for Dogs & Cats by Green Street Pet Basics” as it has all the features you need to remove any possibilities of hairballs and clumps inside of your pets hair. As it is double-sided with safe teeth on the brush, it is able to effectively remove any loose hair and also remove any clumps that your pet may have with its long hair. When brushing a Persian cat, it is important that you don’t use any brush that isn’t built for grooming this type of cat due to the long hair that this type of cat has.


Below, we will recommend several products that are great for any cat, as it can support both long and short haired cats, as well as average length hair cats as well. These types of brushes were of high quality when we tested them out and worked very well, so we recommend that you take our recommendation and use the ones that we recommend.

1.) Pet Grooming Tool & Pet Grooming Brush- NO.1 BEST SELLER For Small, Medium & Large Dogs + Cats, With Short to Long Hair by DakPets

We had to choose this product over the others because of one true factor, this product eliminates an amazing 95% of cat shedding compared to other brands that only eliminates up to 90%. Alongside this, there are also other features which made us choose this product over the others such as the stainless-steel comb that is made of the best quality out of the products in this list. While we were testing this product, we could feel the quality oozing out of the grip and comb, which is why we decided to use this product for all our grooming and brushing needs at our facility.

The price of this product isn’t the cheapest, but it is quite cheap considering the quality that you get and considering how long you can use this product. When you compare this product to a cheaper one that will break fairly quickly, the price of this product is definitely worth the investment. The final reason that we recommend this product over the others is because their brand stands by their quality. If the product fails to exceed your expectations or doesn’t work as they advertise, then they will give you a refund without any other questions asked. No other brand does this as they don’t stand by their product like DakPets does, so if you are looking for the best cat brush, then this product is it.

2.) Chirpy Pets Dog and Cat Brush for Shedding

This product came in close second because like DakPets, this brand also stands by their product and offers a full refund if their product doesn’t work like they advertise it. This product also has a decent amount of quality, as it has a stainless-steel brush that is safe to use on any pet. It also comes with a protective cover, so when you aren’t using the brush, you can cover up the edge so that it can last a longer time.

The price of this product is also on the expensive side, so if you aren’t ready to invest this much into a brush, then we recommend that you look at budget models, even though they may break a bit more faster and not provide the efficiency a product like this one can bring to the table. If you want your pet stress free and healthy, then a brush is essential, so don’t hesitate, but get one now.

3.) Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

This product isn’t the best brush for cat, but it can still be used quite well for the price you pay for it. It is expensive which makes it not that cost-efficient, but it is definitely the most time saving product on this list. The other products require you to get the hair out of the brush manually and put it in a trash can to dispose, but with this product, you can click a button to pull the comb back to make the hair fall down.

When we were testing out this product, we were quite comfortable with the handle, as it felt simple and comfy rather than hard and complex. If you are into comfortable products and simple products, then this product is definitely one to check out. It is able to remove mats of hair and many different types of hair problems, so it is one to put in your cart if you want to save your time and you are okay with spending a bit more than average customers do.


A cat brush is essential to the health of your pet, as keeping the hair healthy can keep a cat healthy. Remove the hairballs and tangles regularly, and your pet will stay stress-free and you will also have your house looking cleaner as well. Use our recommendations and choose the right product for your pet, and both your and your pet will start off the day looking better and feeling better as well!

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