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Welcome to CatLitterExpert where you can get in-depth information on how to take care of your cat. Whether you are a new pet owner or whether you are experienced and are looking for some tips, everyone will pick up a few points here and there and that’s what we are aiming for.

We are a team of individuals who have worked at animal shelters and facilities, so we have a lot of experience in taking care of animals. As this is our job, we experimented with different products to make our lives easier, which is why we decided to create this site to spread our knowledge to make your lives a lot easier as well. We personally purchase the products or receive them from brands and review them honestly and recommend those that work, or don’t recommend them at all if they aren’t up to standards.


We are all about making lives easier, so we have tried to touch on most of the topics there is to know about taking care of pets, so below, you’ll see the list of categories that we have on our site. You can read a brief introduction about each and if you want to go deeper, you can read our famous “Ultimate” guides, where we cover everything there is to know about the subject and provide you with a lot of recommendations to provide you more knowledge on which to pick.

We now are also writing about topics other than cats due to some changes which you can read about here. Some animals which we have in-depth knowledge about in terms of products and care are ducks, hedgehogs, rabbits, and a lot more which you can find under our categories tab on the menu.


This topic is our main topic on our site and we are very proud of it. If you need any information on cat products or if you have any questions on cat care, this is the perfect resource to go to.

Cat Food

Food is essential for cats because it provides them with the nutrients and the things it needs to keep itself alive. Other than the fact that you need to get food targeted for cats, but you also have to get food that is healthy and has quality ingredients in it so that your pet doesn’t become obese or unhealthy. It is also important to make sure that there are no preservatives or artificial ingredients inside of your pets food because those will also contribute to an unhealthy diet. In our Ultimate Best Cat Food Guide, we teach you how to choose the right food for your pet as well as give you several recommendations to make it a lot easier for you to make the right choice.





Cat Litter

As you can assume from our domain name, we are truly the experts when it comes to litter. As waste is a huge problem when dealing with tens or even hundreds of cats weekly, we have figured out a formula that works for us when choosing our litter. Instead of using any regular old litter, we actually recommend that you use clumping cat litter, as it makes your life so much easier. If you are interested in which products are the best in terms of cat litter, then check our our Ultimate Cat Litter Buyer’s Guide to gain more information.

Cat Litter Mats

Alongside choosing cat litter, choosing a cat litter mat is a good addition due to a few reasons. One reason is that the mat will capture all tracking litter, so that the litter won’t fly around and spread the smell everywhere. The second reason is that it’s a good alternative to non-tracking cat litter, as it is a bit more expensive compared to the type of litter that is tracking. As choosing one that is bad quality won’t prove to be effective at all, we recommend that you check out our Ultimate Cat Litter Mat Buyer’s Guide, so that you can choose the best ones instead of testing and wasting your money.

Cat Muzzle

If you are a pet owner, you probably have experienced a few bad habits that may be forming with your cat, such as them jumping on your vases or pictures and breaking them, or even them biting your furniture and ruining it. To fix this problem, using a cat muzzle is the best choice, as it can fix up any biting habits that your cat may have with ease. If you haven’t used a cat muzzle before, then it may be daunting to choose a cat muzzle, and even worse, use it. That’s why in our Ultimate Cat Muzzle Buyer’s Guide, we explain everything you have to know about this muzzle.

Cat Trees

Cats get bored when they get bored, just like us. They love couches, just like we do. A cat tree is perfect for cats because it provides them somewhere to sleep on comfortably, high in the air, and also gives them a perch that they can jump onto. If you don’t like your cats jumping on your shelves and knocking off your valuables frequently, then a cat tree is perfect for you, as it can keep your valuables safe, and also give your cats a place to nap or stand on, as they love high ground. Choosing the right cat tree might be difficult, so make sure to check out our Ultimate Cat Tree Buyer’s Guide to gain more information on how to choose one and how to use it!

Cat Water Fountain

All cats need water like we need it, and pet owners usually know this. The most common way to give a cat water, is to pour fresh water inside a bowl and put it on the ground for cats to enjoy. As the water can get contaminated if you don’t replace the water everyday, it’s usually a hassle, but with the help of cat water fountains, you’ll be able to automate the process of delivering fresh, clean water for your pet whenever it needs it without you having to worry about replacing the water. This product category is one of the most difficult ones, so we recommend that you read our Ultimate Cat Water Fountain Buyer’s Guide to gain more information on this topic.

Cat Brushes

Hair on the floor, shelves, tables, and on your couch. Who likes this mess? This happens because as cats grow, they begin to have loose hair that itches unless the cat rubs it’s body against your furniture to get the loose hair off its body. If you don’t help your cat shed it’s hair, you’re going to have your house piled with cat hair. The advantage of helping your cat shed hair is that you can gather the hair in one place and dispose it instead of having to dig inside the corners of your house gathering all the hair. Check out our Ultimate Cat Brush Buyer’s Guide to learn how to choose the right brush for your cat.

Cat Carriers

Who wants a cat with a fit jumping around in their car, disturbing you from driving and making you go mad? With the use of a cat carrier, you’ll be able to keep your cat in a safe location, while keeping your eyes on the road without any problems. Another advantage to using a cat carrier is that it is a lot more comfortable for your cat to be inside one, rather than being open and in the open. This is because cats feel a lot safer in a confined location, compared to an open and moving location. You can also fit litter pads as well as fleece pads on the floor of your carrier, so that if your cat wants to go during the road trip, you won’t have to clean the floor of the car, but rather just throw away the pad. Check out our Ultimate Cat Carrier Buyer’s Guide to learn about how to choose the right cat carrier for your cat.

Cat Feeders

If you don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of feeding your pet every single day, then getting a cat feeder will be a great idea. This is because this will allow you to feed your pet at different intervals of the day at the right time with the right amount of food without you having to touch a single step of it. This is because the feeder will automatically feed your pet by giving your pet the amount your pet needs it according to the time you program it. If you are interested in learning more, check out our Best Automatic Cat Feeder Guide.


There are a variety of products that cannot be covered under one sub category, so those will go under the misc category.

Garage Heaters

Do you want to relax at home without fearing that your pet will knock something of value to you? If so, keeping your pet in a heated, organized garage is the best option because not only can you make a room designated for your pet, but you can also stop worrying about your pet going into places you don’t want it going. As the garage is most often not connected to the house heater, it may get chilly inside your garage, so getting a garage heater to heat the location where your cat is going to stay is recommended. Check out our BestĀ Garage Heater Guide to learn about how to choose the right garage heater for your cat.