Ultimate Cat Water Fountain Buyer’s Guide 2018

If you have taken care of a cat before, you have probably given it a bowl of water for it to drink out of. Sure, this is simple and easy and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, but sooner or later, there is going to be health issues concerning the water bowl that your pet drinks out of. Once or twice, you might leave more than enough water in the bowl and leave it overnight in the thoughts of replacing the water the very next day. However, you may wake up the next morning and forget to replace the water, letting the cat drink out of the water that is stale and old.

The water being a day old isn’t the problem when this happens. Since cats aren’t as clean as humans concerning their oral health, the water will be contaminated with bacteria as soon as the cat drinks out of it the first time, even if the water is freshly replaced. As time goes on, the bacteria will keep on duplicating until it contaminates the whole bowl of water. If you leave this kind of bacteria growing for over a day, the water will eventually be so bad that the cat will have a sour taste when it drinks out of it and it won’t be good for it’s health either as well as finding the best cat water fountain amazon today.

Top 3 Cat Water Fountain

Why Use A Cat Water Fountain?

If the above sounds like you and you sometimes forget to replace the bowl of water sometimes, then your cat won’t like drinking water out of it’s bowl more often and since water is good for the cat, the cat refusing to drink is a bad habit. To cure this, you simply have to replace the water in the bowl everyday, but that may be a hard task to do every single day without forgetting. This is where cat water fountains come in handy.

These cat water fountains provide fresh, clean water for pets to drink that is circulated and filtered automatically to keep the water clean for the pet to enjoy. It also requires almost no maintenance, except for giving it water when the tank is almost empty, which makes it a good choice for the pet owners who may be too busy to keep the bowl clean and full every single day.

We recommend that you get a cat water fountain battery operated, as that will allow you to have a machine that automatically does everything for you, so that you won’t have to do it yourself. If you get a fountain that doesn’t operate on battery, it will only be able to filter the water and slowly feed it inside the bowl which isn’t the best solution, but a simple and cheap one if you can still take care of the fountain regularly.

Best Cat Water Fountain

The best ones are the ones that store the most amount of water, circulates water more frequently, has a good filter, and is also easy to clean. The ones that store more water is one of the better and more expensive ones as they require a lot less maintenance than the ones that only store a litter bit, as you will have to spend less time replacing the water in the fountain. However, if you can spend a lot more than average, then you can buy one that can hook up to the water supply, so that it can automatically get water from the tank like your toilet or sink does. These are expensive however, so you can also get the ones where you can manually store water in if you so desire.

The ones that circulate water more frequently are also a bit more expensive than the ones that circulate less frequently as those are the ones that keep your water the most fresh. Since the water will be going through the filter more often, the bacteria will get removed and clean water will be given to the pets to enjoy. Even if the water doesn’t get used, the water will get circulated to constantly keep it fresh and clean to drink even if the water doesn’t get replaced for several days due to the filter. The filter is also important as that will be the piece of device that will keep the water clean. Some are made of bamboo, some are made of charcoal, and some are made of different combinations, but their main goal is to convert dirty and contaminated water into clean ones.

We highly recommend that you purchase a cat water fountain that is easy to clean as it will make your life a lot easier. We have tried a product that is easy to clean and a product that is hard to clean and there was a huge difference. The product that was easy to clean took minutes to clean and was set up to let the cat drink. However with the product that was hard to clean, we wished that we just replaced the bowl whenever it was empty as it was so hard to clean. The parts were harder to clean and everything was hard to put together. However, the product that was easy to clean and special devices that allowed for easy access to the parts that needed to be cleaned.

Best Cat Water Fountain Reviews

Below, we will give some of our reviews on the cat water fountains that we have tried out and give some pointers of some advantages that each product has. We have tried out many different products, but the ones that will be shown below are one of the best ones and if you are going to be purchasing one, then we recommend that you choose one from the list below as they are part of the elite and high quality group.

1. ) Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain

This product is one of the best budget cat water fountains, as it has a lot of the features that you should look for in a quality water fountain. It circulates water and has a great filter made of replaceable charcoal for keeping the water clean. When we tested out the product, we even thought that we could drink the water ourselves because the water looked clean and the way it circulated made it look pleasing and okay to drink. Imagine a river full of clean, gushing water. That’s how this product makes the water seem which is great, since it makes the cat want to drink the water.

This product is also great because it is made in a way that is easy to clean. It can also be taken apart and cleaned by a dishwasher which reduces the time it will take for you to manage the fountain. Instead of having to make your hands dirty and clean the parts that needs to be cleaned, you can simply put it in the dishwasher by itself, without any dishes that you use, so that you don’t have to clean it yourself. It is also worth noting that this product is the best cat water fountain bowl that we have tested out so far, since it is made of stainless steel and looks like a bowl, so that your cat won’t feel any different drinking out of this bowl compared to a normal drinking bowl.

2.) Cat Mate Pet Fountain

This is another one of our best budget cat water fountains as it is considerably cheap for the amount of features it comes with. It comes with a feature that lets cats drink in different heights, so that even more than one cat can drink at one time. There is a drinking station on the top and a drinking station on the bottom with the water from the top going to the bottom through a ramp that was built to reduce water splashing.

One of the advantages of using this product is the IPS which stands for isolated pump system. Since the pump is isolated from the other parts of the machine, it works quite silently, making it a good choice for home owners who hate the constant whir of a motor or a pump going on 24/7. As the filter of this product is also one of the better ones that we have seen, we recommend this product for those who are looking for a budget option to their cat water fountain needs.

3.) PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain for Pets

This is a cat water fountain ceramic which means that it is a product which uses ceramic as its main material. There is a huge advantage, but a small disadvantage to using a cat water fountain that is made out of ceramic. The advantage is that it is normally bigger and can store a lot more water than other products that may be made out of plastic or steel. Another advantage is that everything will be a lot more hygienic because of the properties in ceramic. This type of material also looks a lot better inside homes compared to steel and plastic which makes it a better choice for those that like to make their homes look nice. We also have an in-depth review article on PetSafe Drinkwell products.

Another feature that is a great addition is the dual fountain setup. Water flows in two directions, allowing two pets to drink from the same fountain without touching each other. As there may be territorial and rank hierarchy in terms of drinking water, having this kind of cat water fountain can be efficient, as both cats can drink at once instead of the lower cat drinking after the first one is done drinking. A great feature that this product presents, is that you can wash this product in the dishwasher without having to worry about it breaking. It is “top-shelf dishwasher safe” which will save you a lot of time compared to washing everything manually. We recommend this product highly to you, if you are okay with using a product that is almost double of the cheaper, budget products. However, this is the case due to the ceramic bowl, but if you truly know the benefits, you will go for this fountain than the others, as the advantages truly outweigh the cost.

4.) Catit Fresh & Clear Stainless Steel Top Drinking Fountain

This product is a bit different from others because instead of having a spout that gives off water in a “water fountain” fashion, water gets pumped out from the machine to the middle where water is available to drink in a pan type of design. This allows cats to drink water in their usual ways without having to be scared of the water splashing in their face while drinking. As there are filters and circulatory systems in place inside the fountain, any bacteria that may grow within the water won’t live long to go inside your pets body.

However, this product is a bit more costly than your average fountain, as it looks a lot more better, is easily washed, and has a design that is a bit more comfortable for cats. It also has a 64 fluid ounce storage, so that you can keep water in for a longer duration. If you are looking for a product that isn’t too expensive, but can give you more than what you paid for, this product is one to add to your cart, as it is one of the best products that we have seen that can filter water constantly, provide fresh water consistently, and is beautiful to see on the floor next to your other cat supplies.

5.) Ownpets Pet Drinking Fountain Auto Pets Feeder Water Dispenser

Another dual water fountain, you can have more than one cat use this product without one having to wait while the other drinks. This product also has one of the quietest motors that we have seen, allowing you to have a more quiet experience with this fountain than any other. The best advantage with this product compared to the others is the tank. By having a tank that can support around a gallon of storage, you will have to replace the tank less often, allowing you to have a more pleasurable experience, since you won’t have to change the tank every few days, but rather every few weeks.

The price of this model is fantastic when comparing to its features because similar products within this products and even products that are a bit more expensive than this product doesn’t have the tank like this one does. As this product is also dishwasher safe, it has everything you need in a product. We highly recommend this product if you are looking for a quality, but budget cat water fountain, as this one can give you everything you need in a quality water fountain, but still has a rock-bottom price.

Best Rated Cat Water Fountain

The best product that we recommend that you get out of the elite group that we reviewed above is the “Catit Fresh & Clear Stainless Steel Top Drinking Fountain” because of a few reasons. Personally, we enjoyed this one the best while testing them out because it matched well with the tiled floors that we had and it also looked the simplest. As our team all love simple machines, this product was definitely #1 for us. Along with the design, it includes a great carbon filter which will make normal fountain water fresh and delicious, so that your cat will love drinking the water. The price is also a great factor as well because this product was definitely in the high tier ranges in terms of design and quality. We highly recommend this product if you love simple machines and quality function with a low price tag.

The best budget cat water fountain is the “Ownpets Pet Drinking Fountain Auto Pets Feeder Water Dispenser” because it is cheap, but contains vital features that are similar to those in higher price ranges. This product isn’t for those looking for a product that has the cheapest price possible, but those that are looking for a good deal for the price you pay. This is because this product is cheap, but has many features and should be priced higher. If you want a price-efficient product, this product is it because it has a one gallon tank and also has a high quality filter to make the water clean.


The best pet water fountain for cats is the one that you think fits in with your needs. If you need a tank that is large, so that you don’t have to spend too much time to maintain it, then you should purchase one that comes in a large tank. If you are looking for the one with the cleanest water, then purchase one with the best filter, and if you are looking for one with the smallest noise, then get one with a quite motor. We hope that with our guide, you have some ideas on the best pet water fountain for cats to choose for yourself and to give your cat a healthier and a more convenient water bowl. If you want to know about the process of how a fountain works, we recommend that you check out this article.

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