How to Use a Cat Brush

If you have just purchased a cat brush and you thought that brushing your cat was just as easy as brushing your hair, then you are in for a surprise. Brushing your cat isn’t as easy as brushing your hair because your cat will most likely not stay calm and the hair will be tangled to the point where it is almost impossible to go through a patch of hair without your brush getting caught in the hair.

Having trouble brushing your cat’s hair for the first few times is normal and in this guide, we will try and help you through everything. We highly recommend that you not give up even though it may seem impossible because brushing is an important part in keeping your pet’s hair, healthy.

Using Your Cat Brush

When you have your brush in hand, you want to see if the length of the comb will be safe to use on your pet. If not, then we recommend that you get one that is the right size because having a brush that is longer than your pet’s hair length will hurt the skin, especially if the skin is extra sensitive and by hurting your pet’s skin, you will make your pet connect brushing to pain and will make brushing difficult for you. If you have the right size, then you are good to go.

First, locate the scruff of your pet. This is the fluffy part of your pet’s neck where there is a lot of hair. Usually when grooming, this hair is kept alone while the hair on the rest of the body is groomed. You want to brush the hair on the scruff and the tail with a bit more force, as the hair is a lot thicker and may be more tangled compared to the rest of the body. However, you also have the option of getting another brush that is longer, so that you won’t have to use as much force to straighten out the scruff.

Next, locate the groomed hair on your pet’s body. This hair is usually a bit shorter than the scruff, making it easier to brush since less hair will be tangled and the hair will be shorter. With your brush, go in a straight line down the body with slight pressure starting from the edge of the scruff to the end of the body. You want to continue this motion until the entire body is covered and the hair feels straight with no tangles. It is important that you use slight pressure instead of no pressure or hard pressure, as you want to make sure to get all the tangles and extra hair out while not damaging or hurting your pet’s skin.

Lastly, you want to brush your cat’s belly. This is one of the harder parts because if not done correctly, you can harm your pet or not get all the tangles out. As there is longer, but a smaller amount of hair under the belly, you want to be extra careful to not be too hard, but be hard enough to straighten the hair and try to get as much excess hair out as possible. It isn’t as important to get all the hair straight under the belly, but you still want to try and get as much as you can.


When using your cat brush to brush your cat’s hair, make sure to use the right pressure to get excess hair and curls out while keeping your pet’s skin safe. It is also important to mention that you should use the right brush that is the right size to make your job easier for you and to save you more time. Brushing your pet’s hair is an important factor to keeping your pet as healthy as possible, so we recommend that you do it as much as you can to keep your cat as healthy as you can keep it.

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