Why is Clumping Cat Litter Recommended?

In this post, we will teach you the reasons why we are pro clumping and hate non-clumping cat litter. When shopping for cat litter, you will always see two types of cat litter wherever you go, non-clumping cat litter and clumping cat litter.

There isn’t a big difference between these two except for the fact that one is extremely easy to clean up and the other isn’t as easy. Since easier cleaning is a lot better than spending a lot more time cleaning up the litter, we highly recommend the type that is easier to clean, to save both more time and have an easier time cleaning.

Advantages to Clumping

tidy cats cat litter
Non-Clumping Cat Litter

Clumping is a type of cat litter that “clumps” once litter touches it, allowing it to suck in the moisture, as well as clump to nearby litter to make itself easier to clean up. When cleaning up clumping cat litter, it is a lot easier to clean up tiny clumps of litter instead of seeing which is moisturized and which isn’t.

Another advantage is that with clumping cat litter, you clean up less of the litter that hasn’t been used and only clean up the mess that has been used. However with non-clumping cat litter, you also have a lot more chances to also clean litter that has not been used yet, making you waste a lot more litter than you need to.

Disadvantages to Clumping

There isn’t a single disadvantage to using clumping over non-clumping except for the fact that it is just a few bucks more expensive. With no feature drop-offs as well as no quality decrease, there isn’t a reason that you shouldn’t get clumping unless your budget doesn’t allow you to get the clumping type.

worlds best clumping cat litter
Clumping Cat Litter


When it comes to choosing the type of cat litter for your pet, it is essential that you choose the type of cat litter that is easy to clean up for yourself and is comfortable to use for your pet so that both of you won’t have a hard time with the litter and have the best possible experience. This is why we recommend clumping cat litter because it is easy to clean up, easy to use for the pet, and is only a few dollars more expensive than the non-clumping type.

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