Are Cat Water Fountains Worth It

Are Cat Water Fountains Worth It

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With the rise of owning pets around the world, there also has been a rise of products that help make the pet-owning process a lot easier.


There are some tasks that you must do when you own a pet, such as grooming, feeding, and hydrating, most of which can be automated.


One part of this automation is hydration and unlike most original movies where the dog or cat laps water from a water bowl, you can now get a water fountain to circulate the water automatically from a tank full of water, so that you will never have to replace the water daily.


Since it is important to replace the water inside the bowl daily, you have to do it or else bacteria will start growing. However, it may start to become bothersome if you have to constantly change the water inside, so this is one of the main reasons why cat water fountains were introduced.


So, is it worth it?

If you are deciding whether to get a fountain or not, there are two routes you can take that can affect the decision. 


  1. If you have a child and you want them to learn responsibility with the help of taking care of the pet, then getting a water fountain may not be the best idea. This is because in order for them to learn responsibility, they should be the ones that should replace the water bowl everyday and not the tank circulating the water for them. Getting a water fountain would destroy the purpose of owning a pet to learn responsibility. Also, getting a water fountain would be too expensive to handle if your child is covering all the expenses, so getting a manual, water bowl would be a lot more cost-effective.


  1. If you are taking care of your cat yourself and you work a long shift, then getting a cat water fountain would definitely be worth it. Although the upfront cost is high, the maintenance cost that you would have to pay in time and stress wouldn’t be worth it, as you will have to always get home on time at night to change out the water bowl and you wouldn’t be able to work deep into the night, as the water bowl wouldn’t be full.



Depending on certain circumstances, cat water fountains may or may not be worth it, so see your needs and costs and choose accordingly.

If you need suggestions on which cat water fountains to get, we recommend that you check this cat water fountain guide for some more tips and recommendations.


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