Best Cat Brush For Shredding

Best Cat Brushes For Shredding

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If you know cats, you know that they spend as much time grooming as they do sleeping.

Cats have a natural desire to stay clean, but there’s little their tongues can do to keep their coats smooth and tangle-free – especially for long-haired cats & for that you need the best cat brush for shredding.


If you have a long-haired cat, you can buy a special brush to keep his coat in good condition.

Not all cat brushes are the same. Read on to find out more about what to look for in a cat brush – especially a long-haired cat brush. You’ll also find our 5 best long-haired cat brushes to help you make your choice.


Everyone can identify with the only problem that’s one of the hardest, shredding cats. When a cat starts to lose her hair, she starts going everywhere, including food, water, everything in the open air. When you go to bed, you’ll find cat hair, and when you wake up in the morning and pour a bowl of grain, you’ll find cat hair in your bowl because of the amount of hair that cats lose during their “shredding season”.



However, there is a way to prevent this by helping the cat to lose its hair. Usually it’s better to let them do what they want and lose their hair naturally, but we can all agree that cat hair in our grain bowl and bed isn’t the best in the world. That’s why we recommend that you buy a cat bristle shredding brush so that you can speed up the shredding process so that you can no longer see so many cat bristles everywhere.


What to look for in a cat brush

When it comes to cat brushes, you’ll need a different brush if your cat has short bristles than if it has long bristles. Short-haired cats can be brushed about once a week with a soft brush to remove excess hair and reduce hair loss. Longhaired cats, on the other hand, may need to be brushed more often and with a different type of brush.


Here are some important things to look for in a cat brush for long-haired cats:

  • Teeth – When brushing a long-haired cat’s teeth it is advisable to use a fine toothbrush as there are more bristles to brush – especially smoother brushes are good to prevent carpets.
  • Distance – If your long-haired cat’s coat is confused, you’ll want to use a special tool with more bristle spacing to remove carpets before brushing with a fine toothbrush or comb.
  • Handle – Although teeth or bristles are the most important part of the brush for your cat, it’s the type of handle that determines ease of use for you. You want a brush that is comfortable to hold for a long time and gives you good control over the brush.
  • Hair length – Medium to medium length hair is good for reaching through your cat’s thick hair to the skin, allowing you to remove dead hairs from the undercoat to reduce hair loss.


Now that you know a little more about the different types of cat brushes and how to choose one, you may wonder what’s best for a long-haired cat. Read on to see our recommendations.


When you are looking for a cat brush for this purpose, it is recommended that you get on that is has a long brush, has an ergonomic handle, and has a feature that allows you to gather and eject the hair that you gather easily. If you cannot gather the hair that you help remove, then it will simply go into the hair without you noticing and give you a hard time. Also, you want to look for a product that doesn’t have sharp blades, as this will cause you to make damages to your pet’s skin which isn’t something that you would want. Keep these points in mind while choosing your product or while reading our reviews below.


Best Cat Brush For Shredding

 K9KONNECTION The FURbeast Deshedding Tool

This product is highly recommended if you are looking for a product that will gather all loose hair because of how this tool gathers all the hair while you are moving your tool over your pets hair. The tool also features an ergonomic handle, so that even if you are grooming for a long period of time, you won’t feel fatigue on your hands and you will be in control of the tool, even if your fingers are starting to tire out.


The K9KONNECTION cat brush also has no sharp blades, so that you won’t have to worry about damaging your cats skin or pulling out any hair. This way, you can quickly remove the loose hair without having to be careful to not damage the skin. Usually, you would go very slowly when grooming, but with this tool, you can go quickly without any risk because of the way this product is built to be safe for quick use.


The product is also affordable, meaning that you can get it even if you are on a tight budget or if you don’t want to spend too much on your cats hair. As this product is also built to last a long period of time, the amount you spend initially won’t be too much in the end, as you will have a quality product that you can use for a long period of time. As it is almost guaranteed that your cat will go through another season of shredding in its lifetime, it is best to invest in a quality tool in the beginning, so that you won’t have to purchase another cheap one if your first cheap tool broke.


KONG Zoom Groom


  • Type – Deshedding tool
  • Bristles – Rubber, widely-spaced
  • Handle – All-rubber construction


  • Loose hair clings easily to the rubber materials
  • Greatly reduces shedding in long-haired cats when used often
  • Comfortable to hold and use for extended periods of time


  • Collected hair must be removed from the tool by hand
  • Won’t work through mats or very tangled coats

The KONG Zoom Groom is a unique grooming solution because it is made entirely of rubber with long, widely spaced teeth. This tool is designed to collect loose and dead hair from your cat’s coat to reduce shedding and control hairballs. Loose hair clings to the comb’s rubber materials, and it is shaped for comfortable use.

This tool won’t be much help in working through mats or tangles, but it can greatly reduce shedding in long-haired cats when used regularly.



2.) FURminator LONG HAIR deShedding Tool

This product is also another one that we highly recommend due to the features and the quality that it comes in. By scraping underneath the main coating of hair, you will be able to dig out the loose hair underneath that is most often seen inside your bowl or bed. This tool also features a system that gathers the hair inside of the tool which you can easily take out at once and dispose of.


The product also comes with an edge that isn’t sharp, so that you can quickly move underneath the outer coating layer to get rid of any excess hair to prevent it from floating around in the first place. This product also has a handle that is made ergonomically, so that deshedding is simple and comfortable. Another bonus to this product is the Dental Cat Treats, as you will be able to keep your cat entertained and treat it to a nice snack after you deshed it.


The price of this product is quite affordable as well, especially if you factor in the bonus snack that this product comes with. Usually, cats hate deshedding so if you do it with a snack beside you, struggling won’t be a problem. As we stated before, investing in a quality product from the beginning is highly recommend, so go ahead and try this product and you won’t have to deal with floating cat hairs anymore!


Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush



  • Type – Slicker brush
  • Bristles – Bent wire, medium-long
  • Handle – Comfort grip


  • Bent wire bristles penetrate deep into the undercoat to reduce shedding
  • Self-cleaning feature retracts the bristles for easy disposal of collected hair
  • Wide surface area with closely-spaced bristles is ideal for long coats


  • Hair may collect quickly, requiring frequent cleaning
  • Bristles may be too sharp for some cats

The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is a great option for long-haired cats because it is designed to work deep into the undercoat and it features a large surface area. This brush features medium-long bent wire bristles that penetrate the top coat but won’t scratch your cat’s skin. It also has a self-cleaning feature that retracts the bristles, allowing collected hair to fall easily away. The brush has a comfort grip handle and an overall durable construction.



What is the best brush for long haired cats?

  • Steel Pet Comb. (often called Greyhound comb or flea comb) .
  • Slicker Brush w/self-cleaning. This brush deals with the long topcoat.
  • FURminator Long Hair deShedding Tool for Cats, Large. This is like a magic wand at removing loose hairs.
  • Dematting Tool.
  • Scaredy Cut Scissors.

Does brushing your cat help with shedding?

For example, cats will grow a heavier coat in the winter and will shed it when warmer weather returns. It’s impossible to prevent a cat from shedding, but you can manage the amount of shedding through diet and grooming. Brushing will reduce fur-matting and hairballs and can strengthen the bond between you and your cat.

How can I reduce my cats shedding_

How can I reduce my cats shedding?

  • Brush your cat regularly. This is the most effective way to reduce your cat shedding hair, as it helps to collect the fur before it falls out.
  • Bath your cat once a month. We hear you – no cat is going to enjoy that.
  • Change their diet.
  • Keep them hydrated.
  • Give them a place to call home

How do I get my cat to like brushing?

Use a small, soft-bristled brush or a fine-toothed comb and, while you hold the kitten, gently touch him with the brush or comb. Let him sniff it but don’t let him attack it; you don’t want him to think fighting the grooming tools is acceptable. Gently brush or comb the kitten a few times and then let him go

How often should you bathe a long haired cat?

As a general rule of thumb, long-haired cats should receive a bath, fluff dry and comb out at a minimum of every 8 weeks in order to keep the coat from ever becoming matted

What is the best brush for shedding cats?

The FURminator deShedding Tool is our top pick because it reaches into your cat’s undercoat to remove hairs before they fall.

  1. Best overall: FURminator deShedding Tool.
  2. Best slicker brush: Safari Cat Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush.
  3. Best curry comb: KONG Zoom Groom.
  4. Best for long hair: GoPets Dematting Comb.

What causes excessive shedding in cats?

What causes excessive shedding in cats?

Just as shedding hair is normal for people, so is it for cats. Felines usually lose more hair in spring, as the weather warms. But cats also shed because of medical issues such as stress, poor diet, allergies, medication, infection, and sunburn. Brush and groom your cat regularly.



It may be hard to find the best cat brush for shredding, but after you read our review of the products above, we hope that you made a decision, so that you can stop seeing cat hair flying everywhere. Don’t spend too much, but spend enough to get a quality product because you don’t want to spend too low to get a cheap product that you will have to replace and will cost you enough to get a quality product to replace that cheaper product. Treat yourself to one of these tools today and stop sleeping in cat hair and get the hair out of your cereal bowl!


Disclosure: We are a professional review company & our reviews are not biased towards any of the products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give marks to only the very best that is given by our author. We are very independently owned & the opinions expressed here are our own. However, if you purchase anything after clicking the links present in the articles then we get some commissions for it which help maintaining the websites expenses like servers, security etc.

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