Best Cat Carrier for Air Travel

Best Cat Carriers for Air Travel

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If you often travel overseas by the use of airplanes, then you will know the pain of leaving your cat behind with a sitter. Using a sitter can be both costly and uneasy for you, as you don’t know how well your sitter will treat your valuable pet. What if you can take your buddy along on your trips without you or your pet suffering? With the use of a cat carrier, you can do that. Read our guide below on the best cat carrier for air travel, and you’ll be able to see which carriers you can purchase that are airline approved so that you can take your cat on any trip you go.


Below, you’ll see our pick of the best ones we have tested. These work best, so if you are choosing between a few products, pick one of the products below, and you’ll be satisfied. If you are looking for a guide on all types of cat carriers and not those meant just for airline travel, then we recommend you check out this guide.


Caldwell’s Top Loading Cat Carrier and Small Dog Carrier For Airline Approved Travel


As the best seller in this category on Amazon, we highly recommend this one if you are on a budget and you are also looking for a quality cat carrier. This product comes with mesh on all sides to allow ventilation for your cat to breathe a lot easier, and it is also sturdy to protect your pet from any damage as well. As it also has a variety of methods to carry it around, you can switch around your grip to make it easier for yourself to carry your pet around. As your shoulders may hurt from using the shoulder pads, you can move to the handle to keep your shoulders not fatigue and to balance the weight.


This product isn’t too expensive, which makes this product a good buy. As the quality of this product is excellent as well, you won’t have to fear of replacing this product often. This product is also puncture-resistant, so during the first few trips where your cat may feel uncomfortable, your cat won’t be able to scratch itself out of the mesh. This product is also airline approved, letting you take your pet on the plane with you and keep an eye on it and perform any action required that you see suitable. We highly recommend this product if you are looking for a quality, but a budget option.


Pawfect Pets Pet Travel Carrier, Soft-Sided with Two Pet Mats for Small Dogs and Cats

If you have a smaller pet and care a lot about it, then this product is for you. Designed with safety and comfort for both the owner and pet involved, you won’t have any negative experiences with this product, although the upfront investment is a bit higher than other products. This product also has ventilation on all four sides and also has windows which you can peek in through to see if your pet is doing fine. This product is built very sturdily so that even if there is pressure applied, it will maintain it’s posture and keep your pet safe inside.


The inside of the product is also made with excellent quality, preventing cats with sharp claws from scratching itself out and possibly hurting itself. Another great advantage of using this product above the others is that you can place fleece pads underneath which will make it a lot easier for you to clean your cat compared to cleaning the floor if your pet decides it had to go. We recommend this product if you care about your pet a lot, and you are willing to invest a bit more than other products to ensure the best safety and quality for both you and your pet.


AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

As a product that is made by AmazonBasics, this product is recommended if you want to go the safe route and get the average of everything. This product comes with the option of fleece pads on the bottom, ventilation on all four sides with see-through panels, and a leash option inside to make sure your pet doesn’t escape as soon as you open one of the windows. This product is excellent if you are okay with the quality being average and not something to really boast about, as this product’s quality isn’t the best, but okay.


This pet travel carrier can fit underneath most airline seats and also has the option for you to use the shoulder strap or the handle depending on your needs. You can also choose the size of the carrier, so if you have a bigger cat, then you won’t have to squeeze your pet inside a small carrier, but choose a larger size carrier that is offered by AmazonBasics. We highly recommend this product if you don’t want to spend too much and you want to go the safe route and get the baseline for all features and everything quality-wise.



There are many cat carriers available for travel, but we recommend the ones above if you are having a hard time deciding. For first time users, a cat carrier may seem too small for your pet, but cats usually love these spaces a lot more than ample, open spaces, especially for travelling high in the air (the cat’s worst enemy). As the investment is a lot cheaper than a cat sitter, and you have a ton of options from our picks of the best cat carrier for air travel, we highly recommend that you take your pet on the trip with you and watch it yourself while you go to meet your loved ones or go on your business trip!


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