Best Cat Carriers for Two Cats

Best Cat Carriers for Two Cats

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If you have two cats, then it isn’t the best idea to purchase two carriers and carry around both to wherever you are going. Instead, it is better that you purchase one that can fit both and carry around just that one bag, so that you won’t have to worry about taking care of two bags at once. If you just have one pet, then we recommend that you read our Ultimate Cat Carrier Buyer’s Guide, so that you can find the best carrier for your one pet, instead of purchasing a bigger one for two, as it is a bit more expensive due to the size increase.


There are three products below that we highly recommend that you get if you are looking for a carrier that can fit two cats. We recommend that you only fit a max of two pets and only if they have a good relationship because cats like to keep their territory and if you place two or more cats in the same, tight location at the same time, then they will most likely get into a fight and the last thing you want is two cats fighting inside a small carrier. It is better to only use one carrier for two cats if they are blood-related or if you have a mother-child relationship cat.


Best Cat Carrier for Two Cats Reviews

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

If you have only one cat, then there is an alternative solution for you here made by the same brand, but if you have two cats, then this one is the one you should be looking at. This product mainly has mesh for its walls giving your cats a lot of breathing space and will also give your cats more vision. This will make them less confused and will most likely make them less paranoid as well. This product also comes with handles and shoulder straps, so if you are ever tired of carrying your carrier in your hands, then you can simply move to the shoulder straps to make yourself more comfortable and less fatigue.


This AmazonBasics Pet Travel Carrier also is the right size, so if you want to take your pet along with you when you are going on an airplane, then you can fit it under your seat without violating any violating any rules. Lastly, this product can be washed in a machine without breaking its shape, so if your pet makes a mess, you can clean it up by throwing it inside your washing machine and waiting for it to dry instead of having to wipe everything off by hand and drying it on a rack. The price of this product is fairly cheap due to it being an AmazonBasics product, so if you are looking for one of the best budget cat carrier, then here it is.


Necoichi Portable Cat Cage Stress Free Trip

This cage is highly recommended if you are looking for a portable, lightweight version because it can be simply popped up when you need it and closed down to a very compact size when you are done using it. It is strong enough to stand up to its full size shape without support even though it may look and feel weak and also has a lot of ventilation units on the size to allow for breathing and to allow your pets to have vision.


This carrier cage also has a functional unit on the bottom which allows you to place a litter mat. Other products don’t offer this, so if you want to keep your carrier clean and let your pets do their business on litter instead of the bag itself, then you should get this one. The price of this product is one of the most expensive ones, but don’t let this wander you off because this product is one of the most high quality ones available and the features definitely make up for it. It is very easy to clean and there are a lot of removable units to make it work for you, so we recommend that you get it today.


Pawfect Pets Pet Travel Carrier, Soft-Sided with Two Pet Mats for Small Dogs and Cats

If you worry about your pets safety, your carrier’s durability, and about waste staining the floor of your carrier, then this product is for you. The features that this bag comes with all work towards keeping your pet as safe as possible. This product has mesh on all sides of the bag making it a lot easier for your pet to keep breathing as well as openings on the sides to allow your pet to come out or come in with your help at any time in emergency or situational times. This carrier is designed like a tank, making it hard to rip through. So, even if your pet is struggling a lot, it won’t be able to scratch itself out because of the heavy duty mesh that is resistant to cat and dog claws.


This product also comes with space on the bottom for you to place litter pads or fleece pads, so that your pet can stay comfortable without feeling they are home. Some pets may learn bad habits after a few trips without a litter or fleece pad and may not go back to using them back home, so it is highly recommended that you get a product with enough space to have the same or similar pads that you use at home. Lastly, this product can easily fit two of your pets, but as we recommended before, your two pets should be in a good relationship, so that they don’t hurt themselves while traveling.



All the products above that are reviewed were chosen out of the hundreds available because of their quality and features, so if you are confused as to which one you want the most, then we recommend that you choose any of the ones that we chose above. They all have their advantages, so we recommend that you look at what you need and choose one of the products accordingly as they are all the best cat carrier for two cats. If you have a single pet, then we recommend that you look at this guide, as it will give you better recommendations for single pet users.

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