Best Cat Tree for Small Spaces

Best Cat Tree for Small Spaces

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You may be living in a small rented room or you may keep your pet in a small room, but whatever the case, you need the best cat tree for small spaces. In this review, we will discuss all the possible solutions for your needs for a smaller product, since it is more compact and can fit into a lot more rooms and locations. Other than being able to fit in small spaces, it is also suitable for older cats as well because they will have an easier time getting up into the higher locations since the product will be a lot smaller.


So if you are looking for a compact size product, you will also be getting a cat tree for older cats as well.

As smaller locations also build up more stress for cats. It is important that you give as much enjoyment you can to your cat, so that it can relieve as much of that stress as possible. Since stress building up for cats is bad for both the health and relationship between you and your pet, so make sure that you keep the stress levels of your pet as low as possible. We hope that with our list below, you will be able to get a nice gift for your pet that will both fit in your small space and improve the health of your pet.


Best Cat Trees for Small Spaces

1.) FirstWell Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture Scratching Post House Small Medium Cats Size

We recommend this product first because it is one of the simplest products that we have seen that is made on a small scale. Due to its simplicity and small size, we recommend it to those looking for cat trees for small spaces. It also has several features that are compacted into this small structure such as the hammock and and condo.


The price of this product may be a bit on the expensive side considering the average in this size range, but the high quality fiber that pads the entire product as well as how long this product will last when factored in to the cost, it isn’t very expensive at all. If you are looking for a simple, but great product, we recommend that you get this one.


2.) Go Pet Club Cat Tree Beige Color

This product is also very simple, maybe too simple, but i will still do the job. It has several perches that your pet can sit on top of and also has a toy attached to the tree, so that the cat can entertain itself if it wants to. This isn’t one of the most wonderful products we have seen due to it not been eye candy entertaining, but it can still do the job and will fit into small locations.


This product is a bit on the budget-average price, which makes it a good choice if you are tight on budget. However, it doesn’t have as many features as the product above, which may make the price per features be higher than the FirstWell tree, but it depends on what you need most. If you have a small cat, then this product is for you as it is best suitable for a smaller cat than a larger cat. If you don’t care much for looks and is only looking for a product that works and can fit into a small location, then this product may be a good cost-effective solution.


3.) New Cat Condos Premier Elevated Cat Bed

This “tree” isn’t exactly a tree, but rather a cat bed. However, we are including this product in our list because it can serve as an alternative if you are really tight on space. As this bed is elevated instead of being on the floor like all the other beds, it can act as a “tree” for the cat to climb on top of. It also has a toy on the bottom of the bed, so that the pet can play with it and keep itself entertained. It also comes with a sisal rope so that it can act as a scratch pad as well.


The price of this product is on the high side, but we think that it is definitely worth it if you don’t have the space to accompany bigger products at a smaller price. This product is one of the best cat beds for small spaces that we see fit so far. As the materials is all sourced in the USA, it is a very high quality product and will be able to last a long time, even with rough use by the cat. We recommend this product if you are super tight on space and also want a high quality product that is last a long time as well.

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