Best Rated Cat Scratchers

Best Rated Cat Scratchers

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Cats are some of the cutest, kindest and most playful pets out there, offering hours of entertainment and companionship. The only downside to the joyful felines is that they like to scratch things while playing, which can result in a lot of broken things if you’re not careful.


They scratch things in order to give them a much-needed scratch, as well as sharpening and strengthening their claws. Providing them with a suitable, durable area is essential if you want to keep your house in one piece, and your cat happy.


Cat Scratching Pads have been designed with this use in mind, giving you cat a space where they can sharpen their claws and play at the same time. They come in all different shapes and sizes, with some being small and flat, whilst others have places for your cat to climb multiple layers to play. Which one you need will depend heavily on things like how big your cat it, how many you have, if they are a house-cat or not, and how much they play.


After getting fed up with my cat scratching by dining table’s leg, to the point where it nearly fell over, I decided to do something about it, which is why I am releasing this article, detailing the best cat scratch pad. I’ve tested literally hundreds of them since I embarked on my mission, and I’ve been surprised at how many my cat has actually liked!


Expert’s Pick – Best Cat Scratchers


1.) Premium Cat Scratcher by Feline Be Mine, Durable Cardboard Scratching & Stretching Pad

This product had to be the best on this list, as it was the most cost-friendly and best quality product out of all the other products that we tested. If you hate getting your couch scratched and never want to see your cat scratch anything else other than something that is meant for scratching, then this product is for you. As this product can let your cat scratch, lounge, and a lot more things that cats love to do everyday, you can be sure that your furniture won’t be destroyed anymore!


The best thing about this product, is that it looks great compared to other products who just focus on features and not looks. As most of cat furniture is orientated towards looks as well, this cat scratcher is a good addition, as the design on the sides as well as the color matches well with just about any background. Another great addition to using this product above other products, is that it is also quite cheap, since this product is the cheapest out of the products in our review by a huge margin. If you are looking to save some money while getting a quality cat scratcher, then we recommend that you get the one by Feline Be Mine, as it was definitely out number 1 pick.


2.) Perfect Pet Cat Scratcher Lounge – Best Scratcher Lounge for Cats

This product is another decent cat scratcher, but the downside to this product is that it is a bit more expensive than the previous product. It is definitely better in quality than the product from Feline Be Mine, however, the cost of this product doesn’t match with the quality that the product brings to the table. It is quite large and has a lot of surface area for more than one cat to use, but because of the circular design, the only part that can be used is the top and the sides, which makes it suitable for just one cat.


If your cat like sleeping or lounging on the cat scratcher, then this product is definitely one to consider, as the large surface that is curved on the top is perfect for sleeping for any type of cat, as it offers a type of protection on the sides which makes the cat feel a lot more comfortable. It is also very durable and when we tested out this product, we could feel the quality and knew that it would last us quite a while. Yes, the price of this product is steep with the features not being up to standards with the price it is valued at, but it is definitely worth it if you want to pay a bit extra for a bit more quality and features.


3.) Pioneer Pet SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post

Although this product is the #1 Best Seller in this category, we chose it as the third product because of a few reasons. The first reason is because of the way it is a post and not a lounger, which we found to be a lot more effective than a vertical scratching post. This is because you won’t be able to use it as somewhere for the cat to sleep on as well as a scratching post, which is important as cats feel a lot more safer on something they are able to scratch and tear up rather than something they are only supposed to sleep on such as a cat bed.


However, there are some advantages to this product such as it being very tall and letting it be stood next to a background that will make this post fit in. It also is made out of sisal that makes it look appealing to scratch, making the cat choose to scratch this product instead of any other ones. This product is also the most durable out of all the cat scratchers, although that can be seen due to the thickness and price difference of this product over others. Again, this product is a bit expensive, however, the features definitely make up for it and we recommend that you purchase this product if you are interested more into the post design rather than the horizontal lounge scratchers.



A cat scratcher is a must in any home that has valuable furniture, as cats love to tear up couches, antique chairs, tables, and a lot more. As the investment is cheap and the results are amazing, we recommend that you try out one today from the list of the best cat scratchers that we have listed above, so that you can start giving your cat somewhere to scratch instead of giving it a lot more options without the scratcher. Try one now and see how well your cats reacts to it, as it will definitely be great!

Disclosure: We are a professional review company & our reviews are not biased towards any of the products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give marks to only the very best that is given by our author. We are very independently owned & the opinions expressed here are our own. However, if you purchase anything after clicking the links present in the articles then we get some commissions for it which help maintaining the websites expenses like servers, security etc.

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